Book II

The Ascendant Series

Nearly everyone who knew him says that Roman Sands is as good as dead. Corrupted by the dark magic of his adoptive father Ezekiel, Roman has been twisted into the very thing that he had sworn to destroy. But Kyndal Davenport isn't ready to give up on him yet. Hardened by Ezekiel's betrayal, and determined to find a way to undo Roman's curse, Kyndal devotes herself to honing her powers as the last living descendant of the Original Aries: one of the strongest bloodlines in Kindred history. But while Kyndal remains with her new allies in the Allegheny, the threat of Ezekiel and his new army looms over all the Kindred.

In this second book of The Ascendant Series, Kyndal will put her growing powers to the test in order to save the man bound to her by fate. In order to succeed, she must learn difficult truths about her own history, as well as the ancient and hidden secrets of the Kindred. Even as Kyndal’s power grows, she discovers that it will take more than fire to defeat her shadowy foes as she embarks upon a journey that will take her far from the forests of Pennsylvania.