Book IV

The Ascendant Series

It has been six months since Kyndal Davenport sacrificed her freedom to protect her people. Now trapped in the clutches of the great chaos god Set, Kyndal is taken to parts unknown and forced to endure great suffering at the hands of her enemies. A price she gladly accepts so long as it keeps Set's attention from turning toward her Kindred brethren.

The remaining Guard members-Grady, Brynn, and Kyndal's beloved Roman-have been forced to return to the island of Awen to answer for the events of Cairo. Stripped of their honor by the newly declared Governor of the Kindred, they find themselves on the sidelines of war. Refusing to believe all hope is lost, and despite the admonitions of his fellow Guardsmen, Roman searches tirelessly for a way back to his Rafiq. As political tensions rise on the island, the Guard must make a final desperate attempt to become whole again. A risk that places them in their most dangerous situation yet.

In this fourth and final book of The Ascendant Series, old enemies are driven to unite, new strengths are uncovered, and allegiances are tested as the Kindred fight for their lives and those of the innocents they are sworn to protect. As they head into war, the Kindred are forced to choose; obey the chain of command, or defy the very foundation of their traditions. A choice that could mean the ruin of everything they hold dear.