Book III

The Ascendant Series


Released from what was intended to be an eternal confinement for his crimes, the chaos god Set threatens the very existence of the Kindred. His catastrophic attack on the Kindred’s home base, the island of Awen, has ignited war. Facing a god and a newly formed hybrid army, the Kindred must take extraordinary steps to prepare. Old traditions have been restored as four warriors have been brought together to form a new Guard, their people’s best hope of defeating Set. 
Kyndal Davenport will face her greatest challenges as she uncovers secrets of the past, secrets she fears revealing to anyone, particularly her beloved Roman. As those in power move to use the Guard for their own purposes, doubt seeps in as to whom Kyndal can trust. As her powers, skills, and new magical knowledge from The Book of Breathings expands, she uncovers a secret that shakes her to her fiery core. 

In the third book of The Ascendant Series, Kyndal, Roman, Grady, and Brynn—the new Guard—must forgive past grievances and learn to trust each other, understanding that only through their combined power can they save their people from assured destruction. Yet despite their new-found abilities, sacrifices will have to be made if they are going to defeat the greatest enemy the Kindred have ever faced.