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Kyndal Davenport has suffered terrible tragedy. As the sole survivor of a car crash that claimed her entire family, Kyndal knew that her life would never again be easy. Now she must live with an aunt she has never met in a small town she has never been to. Worse, at school she is hounded with taunts and whispered rumors by suspicious classmates. When she receives the rare attention of the alluring but inscrutable Roman Sands, Kyndal must determine what his true intentions are. But the everyday pains of adjusting to her new life are put aside when Kyndal wakes from strange dreams, finding her sheets on fire and her skin unburned. When Kyndal develops a powerful connection with Roman, she discovers that she isn't the only extraordinary person in Marienville, Pennsylvania. Roman reveals that his interest in Kyndal goes far beyond a high school romance; an interest that may decide the fate of the entire world.

In this debut of the Ascendant Series, author Whitney Estenson introduces a world of magic, adventure, and enduring love in the face of an enemy who only understands death and hunger. Born into the House of Aries, Kyndal must confront her fate and find the strength to protect the people closest to her.

Book I

The Ascendant Series